Assassin's Creed 2 Ezio Outfit Black Halloween Cosplay Costume


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Including: Vest + Shirt + Trousers + Cape + Hat + Belt + Waist Cloth+ Sleeves + Leg Cover and Others

Fabrics: Linen, Cotton, Pleather, PVC, Satin

Color: Black

Assassin's Creed 2 II Ezio Outfit Cosplay Costume Custom-Made Black Version, tailor made in your own measurements. This costume could be custom-made for both adults and children. Please leave a message and write down your measurements: Height, Weight, Chest, Waist, Hip, and others.

Deluxe Assassins Creed cosplay revolves around a science fiction game that incorporates 4 different types of action packed games. He must play out the activity of his ancestors to find artifacts. This game is symbolic for historical figures that have passed due to certain plots, although many of these plots have been transformed throughout the game to hide certain inaccuracies that historians are unsure about. The game varies with each of the 4 main games and the cosplay costumes are endless. There are often 4 different outfits to choose from and they all come with distinct capes and colors. Assassin’s creed cosplay will represent a separate family or city from the renaissance.

Do not underestimate the skills of your cosplay character. At the same time, do not the capabilities of your passive skills. Let go of the darkness and you can literally feel that the dark side would be released. Enjoy being assigned in performing special high-level missions, such as that of performing assassinations and tortures. Enjoy in the maximum success of the requirements of your missions. You don’t have to mask and to conceal your true identity anymore. What are you waiting for? Your prowess will definitely surprise everyone as you wear your costume and full accessories. Your ideals and personality may also evolve as you drastically try to emulate on becoming your own character. Execute your revenge in your character as you give everyone a taste of your power and feel the power as you get stronger.

Please check our sizing chart before you do the purchase, we can accept some of the customize size requirements, but please provide us your measurements.

Men cosplay size chart

Women cosplay size chart


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Size Chart

Men cosplay size chart

Women cosplay size chart


Measurement Guide

Important measurements

1. Shoulder

Holding the measure tape; horizontally measure from the left side to the right side, not around.

2. Chest

Wrap around the widest point of your chest.

3. Waist

Starting at your belly button, wrap the measuring tape completely around your waist.

4. Hip

Secure the measure tape at the fullest part of your hip area, then wrap around your hip to measure.

If you choose customize size, please provide your height, shoulder, chest, waist, hip, we will made it to your measure.