My Dress-Up Darling Wakana Gojo Halloween Cosplay Costume


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Including: shirt, pants, tie, belt

Materials: Polyester fiber

About: Wakana Gojo

Gojo Wakana is the character of My Dress-Up Darling and derivative. he is a high school freshman.

He has been aiming to be a head teacher since he fell in love at first sight with the Hina dolls made by his grandfather when he was young. He has a serious personality in making Hina dolls, but he is not confident in himself because of an event when he was a child, and he is not familiar with the class. Wakana doesn’t appear to have much of a life outside of his grandfather’s store and helping Marin, as he always wears his work attire outside of his school uniform, and often spends his time either studying or sewing. Furthermore, he was upset when he thought that his time and friendship with Marin had reached its end upon the completion of her Shizuku-tan outfit, only to be happy when she decided to continue cosplaying and requested his help with it.

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